Thrive Collective presents


17 October 2014 - 19 October 2014

An exhibition exploring the notion of play.

Thrive Collective invite you to immerse yourself in their world, where the real meets the unreal and you will encounter and interact with various investigations of play through performance, video, sound, sculpture and installation.

Play features work from Amy Payton Edwards, Anna Sophie Adelt, Anouk de Bokx, Becky Scofield, Caroline McDougall, Georgia Day, Hannah Tolmie, Hannah Whitlow, Jess Keats, Jessye Curtis, Leila Duffy-Tetzlaff, Mel Thomas, Sarah Smith, Shannon Zwicker and Verity Heald.

This exhibition is raising awareness for Nottingham Women's Centre.

Play is funded by O2 Think Big.

Private View
16 October 2014 - 7pm