Martin Rayment

Beautiful Destructors

31 August 2013 - 13 September 2013

Martin Rayment, a 2013 graduate of Fine Art from Nottingham Trent, presents his most recent show, ‘Beautiful Destructors’ at the newly opened Bohunk Institute, located close to Nottingham city centre.

Featuring his latest body of work, “Beautiful Destructors” he seeks to explore the female form as an iconic image that holds both attraction and a monstrous futility. Rayment gives a personal prominence to the corruptive power of erotica, through an invading globular force that corrodes and collapses the innocence of the exhibitions inhabitants. Heavily influenced by artists such as Dr Lakra and Seb Patane, he uses collage as a form of gallery-invasive sculpture that challenges its modern subdued appropriation.

As visitors navigate works such as ‘The Shark Infested Woman’, ‘The Collapse of Man’ and the fury of ‘The Destructor II’, they are encouraged to consider desire as the corruption of romance within society.

Private View
30 August 2013 - 7pm