Alasdair Duncan

The Meanings

20 September 2014 - 05 October 2014

Alasdair Duncan’s show at the Bohunk Institute, The Meanings, is an installation of signs: abstract and constructed; also photographic, found and made; and they are words, principally in an unknown language.

The Meanings respond to the difficulty of our times in establishing or grounding meaning, both in the experience of art and of broader life, where meaning is experienced as inadequately recalled, where disorientation is so common. The installation operates as a laboratory for researching the edges and planes, the topology, the orientation, of meaning. The signs in The Meanings act across one another in a play of metaphor and metonymy, creating a network of meanings, or meaningness, which operate in a dreamlike structural il/logic of simultaneity and layering. This grouping of signs are conceived under the orienting formula that the meaning is that there is a meaning.

Private View
19 September 2014 - 7pm